I have been soooo busy/tired. I know I don’t do nearly as much as most people but I’ve been sorta spoiled for a while and am getting back into the swing of things, working and all.  So for me, I’m busy :) .

So I’m really liking my job alot. I like my hours. I like the girls. I like the pay. I just really like getting out and DOING something. It’s nice to be lazy for a while but eventually you just NEED to get out and be productive! It’s going really well at the bank, for the most part I’m cathcing on quickly. The girls are all really nice too. I’m so glad. I was nervous about it beforehand.

I had a good weekend. Saturday and Sunday I volunteered for the humane society. We had an Adopt-a-Thon at PetSmart. Terrell came with me Sunday which made me really happy. But the best thing is that over the 3 days of the event at 2 locations 40 pets found homes! It makes me so happy to know that those sweet animals now have a family and a home to be taken care of and loved in. Its really heartbreaking though to see some of the ones who must go back to the shelter. There are so many sweet wonderful dogs and cats who, through no fault of there own, are left homeless and alone. They just want to be loved. Its as simple as that. They really want nothing more than food, shelter and LOVE. I cry everytime I think of it.  I wish I could take them all home but I cant so at least I can help them find someone who can. Im just so glad that so many pets did get new homes and that we could help even a little bit.

Well, its late so I’m gonna go to bed now and cuddle with my own adopted mutts :) .


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so funny

this video makes me laugh.“>


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t.v. & being tired

so, i am exhausted! its really sad when going to work for a full day totally wears you out. luckily im only working so much at the moment because im training. once im done ill be working 3-4 days a week so it wont be as bad. i think its the standing in heels that is killing me :) .

so, its an exciting time in t.v. land for me. the finale of rob & big was yesterday :( im so sad its was such a purely funny show. and the rock of love 2 finale was great because brett picked amber over that bag o’ crazy, daisy.  a new episode of bones was also a few nights ago. i love that show. its really good, the charachters all go really well together to make it cute and funny, even though they are studying human remains to find killers. i watched the first episode of the new season of real world and i havent decided how i feel about the cast. i do this every season, i dont think i will like the new cast cuz i liked the last one but eventually i get into it. one of my fav shows, house, starts back in less than 2 weeks! im so excited, it is one of the very best shows around, enough said.  im also SUPER excited about army wives! ive missed it so much and now i just have to wait til sunday! its really good. i like that even though parts of it are off, a lot of it is really real. 

wow it looks like i watch a ton of t.v. shows but really most of them i dont watch regularly. i do watch a lot of t.v. but not as much as it sounds! i mean, ive only watched all my children once this week :) .

well, i really need some sleep.


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i just want to say… waking up to a charlie horse SUCKS!! i did early this morning and my calf has been sore all day. i need to drink water and eat a banana :)

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I just saw one of the saddest, most shocking thigs I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard about the clubbing of baby seals but while on the HSUS I actually saw how cruel it really was. If this doesn’t break your heart and make you want to do something about it then your crazy. WARNING: the video is from far away but it is still very upsetting. Basically what people can do to help is to boycott seafood from Canada until it bans the clubbing of baby seals. Canadian fisherman do this during the off-season to supplement their income, but the majority of their money comes from fishing. By refusing to buy the fish they catch, Canada will hopeful put an end to the cruelty because they will have an economical reason. So check where the seafood you eat comes from and refuse to buy it from Canada until this ends. If you dont think its that big a deal, just watch the videos and you will definitely change your mind.


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meagan tagged me.

Here’s how you play: Once you’ve been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about yourself– at the end choose 5 people to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying (You’re It!) and to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you. So since you can’t tag me back let me know when you are done so that I can go read YOUR blog answers.

1. I was a music major specializing in vocal performance at 2 different colleges (one of which i had a scholarship that covered over half my tuition and room & board for my “vocal talent”).

2. I am a Pawnee tribal member. I even have a i.d. card from them. But I have an equal amount of Comanche blood too.

3. I’m obsessed with the soap opera All My Children. Hey, it can’t be that bad if its been on the air for over 30 years :) .

4. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else with my natural hair color. It’s an odd combination of red and brown.

5. My bodies natural sleep cycle is really abnormal. It wants to go to bed at 4 a.m. and wake at 12 p.m. Needless to say I’m not really a morning person.

6. My husband basically moved in with me during our 1st week of dating. His parents even gave his room to one of his dads soldiers since he was always sleeping at my place.

7. I’ve never tried any drugs, not even weed. It shouldn’t be that unusual but sadly it is.

8. I cry when I get really mad. I don’t know why, but my sister does it too. When we are really pissed we start tearing up. Then we get more mad because we’re crying. It’s frustrating.

9. I feel VERY strongly about adopting animals from shelters instead of breeders and spaying/neutering them. About 6-8 million dogs and cats go into shelters every year and about half of them are euthanized because of pet over population. It breaks my heart to think of all the homeless pets there are, that’s why I volunteer at our local shelter.

10. I am SUPER cheap. I HATE spending money. Even if its something I really need I feel guilty after buying anything. But I have expensive taste. Luckily, I get LOTS of gifts or I wouldn’t have half the things I own.

Wow this was hard! It took me forever to come up with 10 things. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone else to tag.


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new job(s)

well, tomorrow i start one of my jobs. its at a bank near my house and im really excited. what im not excited about is the fact that also this week i need to find a day to train for my other new job. its at our baseball stadium and my first day is thurs. so i will be trying to juggle my time between the two. i hope it works out but if not ill have to ditch the stadium job. i dont know why i accepted both but we’ll see if i can handle it.


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